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Why Custom Made Jewelry?

Why Have Your Bridal Jewelry Customized?

Why are the new generation of brides looking for jewelry that can be customized with different size, colors, and precious metal options? Customized bridal jewelry is becoming the new standard in the industry for many reasons. Firstly, today's brides are expecting to get the perfect length and fit on jewelry items that match with their choice of gown. Another reason customized jewelry is winning over is that bridesmaid dresses are available in ever increasing color choices, and getting the perfect shade of pink, mauve, or fuchsia is more important than ever, let's face it, these colors just are simply not available in mass produced wedding jewelry. And thirdly, brides are looking for something fresh, unique, and of higher quality than what is found at your standard bridal store. The amount of poorly made jewelry from China or India is simply scary, and who knows what type of metal they are using, since recently there has been a lot of cheap children's jewelry found with extremely high levels of lead and cadmium, which both have produced deaths here in the United States.

Sizing Needs to be Perfect

When it comes to your wedding day, everything needs to fit perfectly, from your gown and shoes and even your wedding jewelry. The cut of your gown's neckline obviously will effect the size and shape of necklace you need. How high and/or how low you would like the necklace or pendant to come down is also a determining factor. Along with your neck size, you have three different variables you have to work with in getting your wedding necklace the perfect length. Simply put, it is very difficult to buy an off the rack necklace and get the exact look you are going for with so many variables. It is this reason so many of today's brides are looking online to have their wedding's jewelry items made by custom design shops who will let you choose from a variety of sizes and your necklace is hand-made after you order it.

Color Options are Incredible

Did you know that you could have bridesmaids jewelry made with your wedding colors? What would you say if I told you there are nearly limitless possibilities for choosing colors for your bridesmaids necklaces, bracelets, and earrings? Well, today's bridal jewelry from has these color options available to you right now. With over 65+ crystal colors and 20+ pearl colors the sky is the limit with your possible color combinations, especially since some of the styles allow you to choose up to three different crystal colors and a pearl color (65 x 65 x 65 x 20 = over 5 million possible color combinations). Wow, now that is a lot of color options!

Eminently Higher Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

With a rash of toxic jewellery coming into the United States from China1 and other exporters, the store level jewelry has lost its trust with the public, and to be guaranteed a safe and quality product, brides are looking to the internet for custom made jewelry pieces that can be made with their specified choice of metal (like 100% Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled or Vermeil [gold-plated sterling silver]). Now there is no reason to fear as all component parts are guaranteed to be the precious metal chosen and they are then custom-made to order by skilled jewelry artisans here in the United States.

1Source from ABC news network, see the article here.

About the Author

Noelle Taylor is familiar with the wedding jewelry industry because she is enveloped in it every day. Noelle has created and designed this type of jewelry for over seven years and has seen the market widen as the internet has grown and options from manufacturers of jewelry components have grown as well. She is currently creating her own complete line of children's jewelry designs that will be featured online in coming months.


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