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6 Best Bridal Jewelry Tips

6 Best Bridal Jewelry Tips

We have scoured the world and have brought to you the 6 very best tips about bridal and wedding jewelry you can't afford the time or hassle to miss.

Have Your Bridal Jewelry Custom Made

This top idea is ranked #1 in our book, and especially important to today's brides who desperately want everything to be perfect. Too many times brides have ordered white pearl wedding jewelry to find out later that it does not match the ivory color of their dress. Don't make this common mistake - be sure to keep your receipt if buying in a store locally and make sure they take returns if you find that it does not look exactly right. The best option is to order your jewelry, for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, etc, with someone who will customize it for you, with the exact color and look you desire. Find customized bridal jewellery here at with a full 30-day money-back guarantee1, or call them at 1-800-791-9001.

Measure for the Perfect Size

Who of us likes to wait eagerly for their jewelry to arrive only to find out when it does, that it is not the right size? This idea gets top marks for keeping your wedding jewelry purchases timely and hassle-free. With a simple string and paying close attention to the size options available, you can measure your neckline (with your wedding gown on, of course) to get the perfect necklace size. With that same string you can measure your wrist tight and add 25 cm (1 inch) to get the perfect bracelet size. Be sure to find the measurement (see details on product page) of the earrings and hold up similar sized earrings in your current jewelry box to see how you like the length. Everyone's size and gowns are different, your jewelry should fit perfectly just like your gown does, so make sure you can have your bridal jewelry custom sized just for you and your dress, otherwise you may be scrambling at the last minute to find some jewelry that "just works" rather than having the perfect look and size you dreamed of.

Get a Jewelry Style that Matches your Style and Wedding Gown

There is nothing more obnoxious than having your jewelry overpower your wedding dress. Bridal jewelry is meant to complement your wedding gown, not overpower it. It can be hard to find a beautiful bridal jewelry set that matches the look of your gown and doesn't do more harm than good. It is also hard to go without the added sparkle that jewelry brings to your wedding style, although sometimes brides forgo wearing a necklace and have only a bracelet and earrings - especially if the gown has a high neckline or a very jewel encrusted neckline. Don't forget to weigh all of your options before you decide, you want your individual style to show through! Stay away from overly ornate sets with lots of metal settings, clusters, and sometimes hundreds of cz's, they can date your look (a lot of the bridal jewelry sets being sold today are some of the same looks your mother wore on her wedding day) and prove to add so much intricacy that it can be hard to look at.

Purchasing Online has Tons of Advantages

There is a host of reasons why buying online can be better for you in nearly every way possible, let's take a look at just a few of them:

  • Availability. You can choose from a world of designers and stores you can't find in your local area.
  • Specialists. Online you find specialized shops who do one thing, and do it very, very well and have a huge selection of exactly what you are looking for, as compared to a mall or bridal stores who sell a vast sea of items, very few of which are bridal jewelry items, and sales people who specialize in very little.
  • Tax-Free. You don't pay any tax (although in most cases this is canceled out with shipping charges, unless you get free shipping too.)
  • Freshest Looks. It is likely no one will have ever seen the fresh, new bridal jewelry designs that you choose.
  • Expert Support, Fast. Expert advice is only a toll-free phone call or email away.
  • Convenient and Hassle Free. Shop 24/7 right inside your own home, no driving in traffic, parking, standing in line, or dealing with rude and unhelpful clerks.
  • Social Media Support. Email or tweet your friends to help you decide with very little effort. (Look into using a site's wishlist feature to help.)
  • Unrivaled Choice. View and compare literally hundreds of looks in less than the time it takes to drive to the mall.
  • Safe, Yup we Said Safe. Online transactions can be some of the safest transactions anywhere. Take a look at Andrew Grayson for example, we have the most state of the art hardware and software firewall protection devices available anywhere, your credit card information is never available to any employee's eyes at any time. Your contact information is never sold or rented to anyone for marketing purposes, and we only use this information ourselves to process and fill your order. Now, take for example, using your credit card at a restaurant. The waitor takes your card off to the back kitchen or staging area to charge your card, maybe 5 or more minutes, and then brings it back to you to sign. Although for the most part, people are honest and trusting, there could be a waitor or waitress out to get you, and copy your credit card information while in his/her possesion and use it to make all sorts of charges over the phone and internet almost immediately.

Start Shopping Early

Whether in the store or online, getting your bridal jewelry as early as possible will help relieve the stress of trying to get something perfect in a few short days, which never works out well. Take some of the hassle out of shopping and order your bridal jewelry early online and if there is any unforseen problems when it arrives, you have plenty of time to have changes made or order something else without being pressured with how much time you have until the wedding.

Seek Out Bridal Jewelry in Modern Versions of Classic Styles

It's hard to go wrong with jewelry that has classic, ageless appeal with a fresh modern updated look. We live in a world where styles come and go and the phrase "everything that is old is new again" is said time and again, but we aren't pulling out our old clothes to wear them again because the styles are always being updated for our time. The same is true with bridal jewelry, you want to look for bride's jewelry that is current but has classic form and style so when you look at your wedding pictures in 5 or 10 years you won't be embarrassed by the jewelry you were wearing on your wedding day and then be embarrassed for anyone to see the photos.

1See's return and exchange policy here.

About the Author

Danyalle Van Buskirk is an experienced wedding photography stylist and consultant whose main focus is on helping professional photographers create the looks you see in bridal catalogs and magazines in print and online. She has a special interest in bridal jewelry and its use in wedding gown photography, since in many instances it is not used at all, or not used properly.


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