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How to Choose Childrens Jewelry Sizes

How We Help You Choose Children's Sizes

Choosing a size for your flower girls can be difficult for someone who has never had kids before, that's why we have created helps for you in determining the correct size to buy.

Everything you need to know to help you choose your flower girls jewelry in the correct size.

With over a decade of experience in making jewelry for children, can help you pick the perfect size for your young flower girls.

The best way to get the perfect sizes is to measure the child. This can be done with a simple string and ruler.

  • For the necklace, use the string to wrap around loosely as the necklace would hang and decide on the right length. Now measure that length against the ruler.
  • For the bracelet, use the string to measure the child's wrist tight and then measure that length against the ruler, and then add 1/2 inch for any measurement 5 inches and less, or add 3/4 of an inch for any measurement up to 6 inches. (For example: if your child's wrist measures 4.5 inches tight, you would add 1/2 inch to get a bracelet size of 5 inches to purchase. If your child's wrist measures 5.25 inches tight, you would add 3/4 inch to get a bracelet size of 6 inches to purchase.) This is a little more tricky than the necklace so below is a table to help you visualize this process better:
  • Her Wrist Measurement
    (Measured Tight)
    Purchase Size Usually For Ages* Usually Will Fit Them Until Age**
    4 inches 4.5 inches 0 - 9 Months 1 Year
    4.5 inches 5.0 inches 9 - 18 Months 2 Years
    5 inches 5.5 inches 18 Mo. - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years
    5.25 inches 6.0 inches 3 - 7 Years 5 - 7 Years
    5.5 inches 6.25 inches 7 - 10 Years 7 - 10 Years
    5.75 inches 6.5 inches 10 - 14 Years 10 - 14 Years
    6.0 inches 6.75 inches 14 Years - Adult xs 14 Years +
    * These ages are approximate. For best results, get a wrist measurement from the child.
    ** These ages are approximate and can vary widely based on the child's size and bone structure. Please remember that we do offer a Resizing Service for when the child outgrows the bracelet, please see click here for more information.

Are there sizes other than what are listed?

There are a limitless number of sizes we can do for you, so if the exact size you want is not listed, please choose the closest size and type in your size request in the "Specail Requests" box on the item's order page.


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