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Fast Track Wedding Planning

Fast Track Wedding Planning

Successfully plan your wedding, even if you have less than 6 months, 3 months, or (deep breath) 30 days until Showtime. Here are some quick tips for couples who are planning on fast-tracking it to the altar.


  • Think one-stop shopping. Call venues, like restaurants and catering halls, that can accommodate more than one wedding at a time; bonus points if there are enough rooms to hold both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.
  • Be flexible, if Saturday nights are booked, consider Thursday or Friday evening.

Wedding Dress

  • Look for sample sales and off-the rack sales at bridal salons and department stores.
  • Visit a mass-market wedding dress retailer near you.
  • Check out your local classifieds, photos are usually always posted, there are some amazing deals to be had.

Wedding Photographer

  • Call a photography studio that has multiple photographers whose prices may vary.
  • Ask a local fine arts college to recommend a gifted-and responsible-photography student if you can’t find a pro.


  • If popular bands are booked, look into specialized musicians, like orchestra, salsa or swing combo.
  • Hire a DJ.
  • Make your own iPod playlist and rent the sound system equipment yourself.


  • Bring photos of flowers you love and ideas for keeping the concept simple in order to speed up the process.


  • Because they have the facilities and manpower, restaurants with catering staffs will likely be able to take on an extra event at the last minute.

Wedding invitations

  • Even fine stationary companies can produce custom invites in less than two weeks, so remember, you have much to choose from.
  • DIY – visit your local craft store, or look online for elegant and affordable wedding stationary.
  • Make up your mind quickly if you plan on mailing the invitations, traditionally, six weeks prior to the wedding date.


  • Check out last minute deals airlines and hotels are offering.
  • Be flexible to get the very best rates.
  • Visit hotel websites to learn about current specials, or call hotel managers directly and ask if they’ll cut you a deal or give you an upgrade.

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